Scorpions, pythons, boas, rattlesnakes, we know to appreciate them, only when they're behind thick glass of course! Discover the many species in this unique reptile zoo. All terrariums are recreated true to nature, with a diversity of flora and fauna. The information signs next to the cages show fun facts. For example, we know that milk snakes not only devour mice, but sometimes even their own ...

Zeedijk 146, Blankenberge
tel. 050 423 162
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Those who want to see the Zwinstreek region from a different angle, the Sincfala Museum offers a unique opportunity The museum is housed in an old school, where still lessons were taught to navigators and fishermen for some time. Hence an old fishing class was reconstructed in the museum. You'll learn a lot about the old fisherman's life, both on land and at sea. You can also guess sayings ...

Pannenstraat 140, Knokke-Heist
tel. +32 506 308 72
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Swimming Pool Duinenwater

Swimming Pool DuinenwaterSwimming Pool Duinenwater

Ben je een echte waterrat, maar daarom geen strandliefhebber? Neem een plons in het water van Sportoase Duinenwater De gemeente Knokke-Heist verwelkomt jullie in Sportoase Duinenwater. Het complex biedt een uitgebreid aanbod voor iedereen! Zwembadencomplex met een sportbad, instructiebad, spectaculaire glijbanen, uitgebreide wellness, ...

Duinenwater 43, Knokke-Heist
tel. +31 506 729 20
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Zeedijk, Zeebrugge
tel. +32 475 755 829

Farys Noordzeebad

A. Van Ackersquare 1, Blankenberge
tel. +32 504 156 34
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Ponderosa Ryckaert

Kalverkeetdijk 148, Knokke-Heist
tel. +32 506 054 43

Manege Mustang

Grotestraat 130, De Haan
tel. 049 781 334 7
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Westgolf Golf Club

Bassevillestraat 81, Westende
tel. 058 241 077
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Koninklijke Golf Club Oostende

Koninklijke Baan 2, De Haan
tel. +31 592 332 83
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Wellington Golf Oostende

Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 114, Oostende
tel. 059 320 834
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Royal Zoute Golf Club

Caddiespad 14, Knokke-Heist
tel. +31 506 012 27
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Het Witte Paard

Vissersstraat 53, Blankenberge
tel. 050 411 100