Top 5 tips for Zeebrugge

The beach is of course the most popular attraction of Zeebrugge. From young to old, everybody daily enjoys the sun by the sea or a breath of fresh air on the beach.

However, Zeebrugge has so much more to offer. Below is our overview of the best, most interesting and beautiful sights, museums and attractions. There are plenty of alternative daytime activities for every wallet.

Top 5 Zeebrugge

Harbor Tours Zeebrugge

Get on board, and visit the first Belgian offshore wind farm! During this tour you'll learn all about coastal ...

Seafront Maritiem

Those who always wanted to know what it's like in a world class harbor or fishing market, finds satisfying answers in ...

Sea Life Blankenberge

Sea Life Blankenberge gives you the opportunity to see the ...


Scorpions, pythons, boas, rattlesnakes, we know to appreciate them, only when they're behind thick glass of course! Discover ...

Swimming Pool Duinenwater

Ben je een echte waterrat, maar daarom geen strandliefhebber? Neem een plons in het water van Sportoase Duinenwater De ...