Hiking in Zeebrugge

Hikers will enjoy a walk in the nature reserve De Fonteintjes (the area of dunes between Blankenberge and Zeebrugge) to their heart’s content. Discover the beautiful hidden spots or head into the diked marshes.

Hiking in Zeebrugge

Beautiful walks

Wandelen in Zeebrugge

A lot of walkers leave Zeebrugge alone. That is a big mistake. If you are looking for peace and quietness, space and beautiful landscapes you can make beautiful walking-tours. And there is a lovely fresh sea-air, because in Zeebrugge you don’t have large scale industry.

The coast of Zeebrugge has wide beaches and offers magnificent views over the sea. From the top of the dunes the view of the coast is beautiful. The beach lies shining in the sun and goes in a friendly curve with the sea, the dunes show the irregularity of a mountain range and the sea can sometimes lighten unlikely bleu. And along the flood mark there are always people walking, weather or no weather. Zeebrugge is with all its catering industry at the sunny residence the stopping place for walkers.

Hiking routes and maps

Hiking maps can be obtained from the local tourist office and / or the Internet. Unfortunately are most route maps only available in the Dutch language.