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Located next to the idyllic dunes of Heist, watersports club Anemos in Duinbergen offers a unique mix of sportive activities and relaxed beach pleasures. This cosy wooden beach pavilion is the perfect destination for anyone who loves the sea and watersports.

What can you expect at Anemos?

Experience the Authentic Surf Atmosphere at Anemos Beachclub

With its no-nonsense approach and typical surf atmosphere, Anemos Beachclub is the ideal spot for anyone looking for an active day out or a relaxed time at the beach. Whether you want to conquer the waves, show off your skateboarding skills, or simply relax with a view of the sea, Anemos welcomes you with open arms.

Furthermore Beachclub Anemos is near the following sights: Minigolf Duinbergen (±600 m), Sincfala (±950 m), The Smiles (±1,5 km), Casino Knokke (±1,5 km) & Swimming Pool Duinenwater (±1,6 km).

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Zeedijk-Duinbergen 300z, Duinbergen
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