Zeebrugge Marina

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The Zeebrugge Marina is a dynamic and picturesque destination that offers visitors a unique blend of maritime activities and relaxation.

What to Expect at Zeebrugge Marina?

A Belgian Coast Experience at Zeebrugge Marina

Whether you're an experienced sailor or simply want to soak in the maritime atmosphere, Zeebrugge Marina is an ideal place to relax and explore the Belgian coast.

Furthermore Zeebrugge Marina is near the following sights: Lighthouse Zeebrugge (±1,6 km), Surfclub Icarus (±2,1 km), Sincfala (±3,1 km), Zeebos (±3,3 km) & De Fonteintjes (±3,6 km).

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RBSC Zeebrugge
Rederskaai 1, Zeebrugge
tel. +32 505 449 03 
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