Vita Krokodiel - Wellness center

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Looking for a place where sports, relaxation, and fun come together? Then the swimming, sports, and relaxation complex Vita Krokodiel in Middelkerke is the destination for you. Since its opening in 2021, this modern complex offers everything your heart desires for an active and relaxing day out.

What can you expect at Vita Krokodiel?

Experience the Perfect Combination of Activity and Relaxation at Vita Krokodiel

With its extensive facilities, Vita Krokodiel offers something for everyone. Whether you are a keen sportsman, looking for relaxation, or want a fun day out with the family, Vita Krokodiel has it all. Come and experience the perfect combination of activity and relaxation in this modern complex in Middelkerke. Don't forget to bring your bath towel for the ultimate relaxation experience in the wellness area.

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Westendelaan 96, Middelkerke
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