Sportfishermen in Zeebrugge do not come empty-handed at home! It could be fished from a boat at sea, from the beach or breakwater, along a canal - or brook - bank, in small ponds and - why not - just into town. Every angler finds a suitable place. And the fish bites well. At diverse locations there are especially for sportfishermen parking spaces and angling places installed, and also for disabled people. In the angling store around the corner you find fishing tackle (also to let) and fish bait, and you could get information over there.



Sport fishing is connected to certain regulations. To float into the water you need next to the rural sport angling permit, depending on the kind of fishing water and the administrator, a permit.


Sea fishery is free. In the fishing zone, the coastal waters and the sea area you need for fishing with rods no fishing permit. In the coastal waters there is a limitation of (maximum) two fishing rods. Fishing with a bob or smelt rig is in the coastal water also free, provided that the fishing law is rested with the state. If someone else owns the fishing law than a permit for bob or smelt rig is obliged.

Fishing from the beach is forbidden!


You could buy fishing maps of the aquatic sports areas in local tourist offices. You could find a lot of useful information about sports fishing in these.